ArcticWhite... when purity counts!

ArcticWhite offers a family of products for laboratory efforts in high throughput screening, compound storage, ADME, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, high throughput synthesis, targeted compound synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery, PCR, and gene expression. From 24 well to 1536 well plates, pipette tips, dry down stations, 96 well tube sorters, heat sealers, custom coating for both cell based and enzyme based assays, and the ArctiSeal™ brand of sealing mat closures, ArcticWhite can meet all your needs.

What's New
Pattern Adhesive Sealing Films
UltraSpense Bulk Reagent Dispenser
VolumeCheck System
High Speed 2D Barcode Scanner/Decoder
Mecour Constant Temperature Thermal Blocks
96 Well MiniTubes
MiniSeal Thermal Sealer