Laboratory Instruments

- Robotic platforms for sample management
- Volume detection systems
- 1D & 2D Barcode Readers
- Vacuum manifolds
- Thermal plate sealers
- Sample concentrators
- Constant temperature thermal blocks

Laboratory Supplies

- 96, 384, 48, and 24 well storage plates
- Plate sealing and closures
- Reagent reservoirs
- 96, 384, and 24 well assay plates
- Filter plates
- 96 well tube racks

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ArcticWhite… when purity counts!

ArcticWhite offers a family of products for laboratory efforts in high throughput screening, compound storage, ADME, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, targeted compound synthesis, drug discovery, PCR, and gene expression. With a full range of multi-well plates, sample concentrators, sample management instrumentation, heat sealers, custom coatings for both cell based and enzyme based assays, and the ArctiSeal™ brand of sealing mat closures, ArcticWhite can meet all of your needs.